​42,000 Jobs Created by Private Investors in Kaduna -El-Rufai

​42,000 Jobs Created by Private Investors in Kaduna -El-Rufai

Kaduna State Governor,Malam Nasir El-Rufai,on Saturday, said his administration has provided a conducive environment for private sector investments who are already proving their capacity for the creation of 42,000 jobs to the people.
Speaking on the theme of International Youth Day 2017 entitled  ‘Youth Building Peace’ El-Rufai, said the youth play a great role in determining the level of peace enjoyed in a community,  adding that the present generation of youth are the largest and comprise the highest number in the history.
The governor said his government is providing intervention funds for small and medium enterprises, especially with the Bank of Industry and the Bank of Agriculture.
According to him, the government is also providing layers of training for the youth to increase their capacity for job-creation and employability.
“For us as government in Kaduna State, we have recognized that as agents of change, young persons are critical actors in conflict resolution, prevention and sustaining peace. If the youth are not engaged into profitable ventures, they may become tools in the hands of negative forces. That is why our policy and resources are channeled towards youth development.”
” In our effort to build our youth to contribute to our development, we have recruited 2,250 teachers, 2,550 KASTELEA marshals and 1,245 health workers who are all young persons. We recognize that government alone cannot engage all the youth, hence we have provided a conducive environment for private sector investments who are already proving their capacity for job creation, such as: Olam: 10, 000 jobs,Vicampro: 30,000 jobs,Mahindra Tractors: 2,000″
“Our graduate entrepreneurs can acquire much needed business skills and access to finance through the KADSTEP, the Kaduna Start-up Entrepreneurship Programme. Young people are being given training in construction industry trades through KADAT, the Kaduna Artisan Training Academy. We are also funding practical training for tradesmen in electrical technology and electronics through the Kaduna Electrical, Electronics and Energy Academy (KADEEEA).”
El-Rufai added:”I therefore call on our youth to take advantage of our policies and interventions in order to build a resilient society where peace and justice reign.
On this day of the celebration of the World Youth Day, I congratulate the youth of Kaduna State, and I urge them to use all the energy, vibrancy and optimism of youth to advance peace, harmony and sustainable development in our state.”  


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