​Wusasa Church ,North’s oldest Missionary legacy attracts tourists 

Outside view of the Wusasa Church
Wusasa Church ,North’s oldest Missionary legacy attracts tourists 
.Built in 1929 
Wusasa a town about 3 miles from the  ancient city of Zaria, Kaduna state Northwest ,Nigeria houses one of the oldest and historical sites  in Northern Nigeria. 
It’s a Church located in a Hausa-Fulani Christian dominated area surrounded by Muslim dominated communities  in the ancient Zaria city. 

Inside the Church

Wusasa is a well-known town in the region because of the calibre of prominent Nigerians  born and bred up  in the area , among them, former Nigerian Head of State ,General Yakubu Gowon.
Others are the first Northern Nigerian to qualify as a medical doctor Dr. R.A.B Dikko,  first Nigerian pharmacist (Mallam S.M.Audu), pediatrician Professor I.S. Audu,  BSc in Economics Ambassador John M. Garba, James Audu a Legendary  Nigerian Broadcaster,  Professor Adamu Baiki and many more. 

Ibrahima Yakubu and Mohammed Ibrahim of Developmental Reporters pose for picture at the main entrance door

The  Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion Diocese  of Wusasa ,which today is categorized as one of the existing  legacies of missionaries in Northern Nigeria was built in 1929 in the community. Built  with mud,  Animals dungs and grasses the building still stands more than 88 years ago,  attracting tourists from within and outside the country. 

Bishop Buba Lamido told Developmental Reporters ,who visited the church that  it was built by a Young British missionary named  Dr Walter Miller. 

According to him ,a hospital and school were built alongside the church. 
”  We have never changed or touched the structure of the church all these years. It’s an olding days building and still standing strong. 

” Tourists do visit the church to have a glimpse of it. Majority of the worshipers here are Hausas by  tribe and we still pray inside the church,” he said. 

The Bishop advised Nigerians  to learn to preserve culture and maintain historical monuments for future generations to see. 
”  Today in this country ,we focus only on modern buildings forgeting our old  architectural style of building houses. It’s good to maintain them for future generations to see, ” he said. 
On the church relationship with Muslims in the area Bishop Buba said”  We have a cordial relationship with people of other faiths in the community. We have never had religious crisis within the community due to religious  understanding we shared,”he explained. 
Developmental Reporters


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