42 Months Arrears:  Kadpoly Pensioners Give PTAD  3 Weeks  Ultimatum to Pay   ..Says many retirees have died and those alive are sick 


Pix (L/R) Comr. Adamu Yusuf, Chairman, NUJ Kaduna State Council, Zacchaeus Adedokun ,Chairman, Alhaji Aliyu Alheri Salau, Former Rector Kaduna Polytecnic and Godwin Ogar Secretary, The Kaduna Polytechnic Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Polytechnics Pensioners during a Press Conference over non Payment of their Gratuity and Pension Benefits held at NUJ Press Centre Kaduna on Monday. Photo: Nath Jibrin.  
42 Months Arrears:  Kadpoly Pensioners Give PTAD  3 Weeks Ultimatum to Pay   

…Says many have died  due to non-payment 

The Kaduna Polytechnic  Chapter of Association of Nigerian Polytechnics Pensioners has given three weeks ultimatum to Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate, PTAD or face mass protest action .
The Pensioners also said  lots of  its members have died  due to  nonpayment of 42 months of the 33 per cent increase of pension arrears.
The pensioners said failure to settle the arrears between 2010 and 2013  has plunged and jeopardized their  lives and they  are gradually dying on daily basis.
Chairman of the association Mr. Zacchaeus Adedokun,  who  disclosed this during a press briefing at Nigeria Union of Journalists ,NUJ Secretariat , Kaduna, said if the 42 months arrears of  33 per cent have been paid ,” It is most likely that the deaths might have been  averted” .

While disclosing the lives of those sick are threatened due to inability to treat themselves and  have resulted to fate, Adedokun said  the pensioners are calling on both the governments and Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate, (PTAD) to reduce pensioners’ problems by timely paying their monthly pension which is nothing to write home about.
He explained : ” Many retirees have died needlessly while waiting hopelessly for the release of their pension/gratuity. It is clear that it is not demons or spirits that are responsible for this abnormality but human beings who are colleagues of such retirees be they career officers or political appointees. 
“Many, if not almost all have their children withdrawn from school, for lack of money to pay their school fees and other academic requirements.
“The nonpayment of death benefits to the next of kins and the balance of 33 percent pension increase arrears with effect from July 1, 2009 to the time of their death have not been met.  Unfortunately, some of the next of kins died while waiting to collect their spouse’s death benefit which unfortunately has not been paid till this moment.
“The situation is quite unfortunate and pathetic.  This has brought to the rest of the members of the family untold hardship.
“Some of them were management staff who have labored and utilized all their strength to the growth of this nation, now retired and have not been paid.  Do we now say this is a country that belongs to all of us? 
“They were made to go through this agony for no just cause.  Many of them because of non-payment of their gratuity could not vacate their official residence and were later being humiliated with letters of ejection from their official quarters by their employers. 
“The habit of regarding pensioners as second class citizens and therefore releasing their monthly stipends almost at the middle or end of the second month will no longer be acceptable to us.
“In other countries governments do pay pensioners even before workers’ salaries are paid which symbolizes total respect to the senior citizens of such country, but that is not the case in Nigeria. 
“Presently, pensioners in this country particularly those in the Polytechnics sector are being treated with disrespect and impunity.”
He queried ,“When would those who have toiled and brought this nation to an enviable status among the committee of nations be rewarded, compensated or recognized?


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