​Quit Notice to Igbos Uncalled for -Gashash 

Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Gashash
Quit Notice to Igbos Uncalled for -Gashash 

Alhaji Ibrahim Muhammed Gashash, is a  Kano born businessman and the son of  former Minister of Internal Affairs, Ibrahim Musa Gashash.In this interview with a group of journalists at his Kaduna  residence to the  break Ramadan Fast, the advocate of Peace speaks on why concept of peace is fast eroding minds of Nigerians , Biafra agitation by Igbos and quit notice issued to Igbos by some northern youth .John Femi Adi was there and captured the session : 

What informed your decision to host media practioners ?

It is just to get together. It is Ramadan and it is  part of the culture  that whoever has the opportunity to feed others with food during Ramadan should do so and it is laudable .

Islam is hinged on peace , but we observed that adherents are becoming less conscious of this , what do you advise is done to reverse this ? 
Yes, it is true and no doubt about it .But peace starts with the individuals ,it is not collective .The moment a person puts his mind to make peace with others according to dictate of our religions , whether such person is a Muslim or Christian ,he can do it and peace will prevail . But I observed that some persons are bent on diverting our attentions away from achieving peace and  peaceful coexistence .This is unfortunate .A lot of sectional interests are responsible for  the chaos in the land , especially with regards to politics. This has been going on for sometimes ,but it is more pronounced now  .Perhaps , because of the situation , we found ourselves now .Of course , you know that naturally, humanbeings are peaceful animals ,but I am worried that the concept of peace is fast eroding from our sense of judgments    .Things are escalating instead of dousing ,whoever comes in ,just escalates   the issue above what it was before .There are people with interests that are against the government. There  are alao others within government  creating chaos to just divert attention .These  have happened many times before.

What is your  take on the notice issued by some northern youth  to the Igbos to vacate north?

The issue of Biafra and threat by the coalition  of some  northern youth to Igbos to quit the northern   region is uncalled for .Left to me , nobody should have responded to any group or whatever utterances .This is because the more you talk about such things ,the more complicated. I pray we see the end of this .It is not a welcome situation.

What do  you advise is done to resolve this brewing tension emanating from Biafra agitations and subsequent ‘quit notice’ to Igbos ?

Government is an administrator .And it is up to the government to manage the country .That solution should come from government ,we have a constitution that keeps us together and it must be respected ,whether  you are a northerner ,easterner ,westerner or wherever you come from .Irrespective of where you come from, we belong to Nigeria .I believe government should take measures to stop this brewing tensions .Government must make sure the right thing is done ,but if we leave the politicians ,they are going to take us  to left and right without resolving the problems.


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