​Ramadan: Church Shares food to Poor Muslims, Widows ,others 

Food shared to the poor Muslims and others in Kaduna
Ramadan: Church Shares food to Poor Muslims, Widows ,others :

By Ibarhim Ibrahim 
In its efforts to promote peace and tolerance between Christians and Muslims , the Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry Sabon-Tasha , Kaduna State ,North-West Nigeria distributed over 500 packages of assorted food and drinks to the poor Muslims ,widows ,destitute and other indigent persons in the state  .

The gesture which is a routine activity of the church during Muslim Fasting period is also aimed at supporting the  needy Muslims brother with food to eat when breaking their Ramadan at home with their families and to encourage them in praying for Nigeria 
 The General Overseer of the Church, Pastor Yohanna Buru, who led the delegation of clergymen and church elders to some Muslims communities for Ramadan food distribution in the state said,  “We must support our brothers and sisters with what to eat  during the  30 days of fasting particularly ,in view of the high cost of Food items in local markets.” 

L-R: Pastor Buru and Malam Nigga supporting each other to share the food

Buru equally said the church does this annually to  strengthen good relationship with Muslims,  promote religious Tolerance and better understanding among different faith base organizations 
While noting that this is not the first time, the church is distributing foods stuffs to the needy Muslims in their holy sacred month of Ramadan, he stated , ” last year, we shared  over 1,000 packaged food and drinks to Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), destitute and widows and some prison inmates in Kaduna state.
Malam Ibrahima of DW Radio conducting interview after the food items have been shared to the beneficiaries

” All this is to support the poor in breaking their fast with happiness and joy like any other Muslims across the planet”.
Buru pointed out clearly  that, the reason the church is helping the poor Muslims is because, “Both the Muslims and Christians are children of Adams and Eve .
“Both Muslims and Christians believe in One God “Allah” both Muslims and Christians have holy books ,which are Bible and Qur’an. Both of members of the religions believe in life after death ,and both Believe in paradise and hell, so we are all brothers and sisters, therefore we must support each other to live in peace and harmony”.
He further said ,many Nigerians are facing hard times due to  increase in the prices of food commodities at various markets , adding, “It is unfortunate that at a fasting period such as the Ramadan , prices of foodstuff and other commodities in the market have  tripled  the normal prices consumers usually buy at local markets.

“The situation where Nigerian   traders take undue advantage of the Holy month to hike food  prices is not a welcome development ,considering how Nigerians claim to be the most religious peoples in the universe.” 
The clerics then appealed  to traders to think and rethink of meeting with Almighty God and the consequences of increasing  prices of foodstuff in the market during the holy month Ramadan
“I know Almighty God is not really happy with the negative activities of Nigerian traders on their attitudinal change and  behavior for taking every opportunity in this holy sacred month to doubled prices of foodstuff, thereby extortion from Muslims  observing their fasting at this season”.
 Buru appealed to wealthy Muslims and Christians across the 36 states of Nigeria and government at all levels to find means of assisting the poor ,most especially the widows and orphans with  food to eat during this holy month of Ramadan for Allah’s blessings .
“God listens to the prayers of Widows, orphans and Destitutes, therefore  let’s take this advantage of taking full care of them,so that when they eat,and then pray to God to Give us peace in the our country,peace that can end all forms terrorism activities in Africa.” He urged 
Receiving the food items at the physically challenged persons home at Kano Road ,Kaduna,Malam Wanbai Isa who is the represented the Chairman of Blind Association in Kaduna, expressed satisfaction over the continuous food donation year-by-year  by Christians  to the disabled persons.
Mallam Wambai said every year,Pastor Yohanna Buru and his members always remember them and  usually come to this house and to donate  food items to our members.
He prayed , ” It is only God that can reward Pastor Buru for coming to see them every year without showing them any sign of discrimination.
Also responding on behalf of the centre ,Mallam lawal Maduru,the Chairman of Niggas rehabilitation centre in Kaduna urged other religious clerics to emulate the good gestures of Pastor Yohanna Buru.
Mallam Nigga concluded by saying that we must help one another to make Nigeria great irrespective of our ethno-religious and political differences.