We’ll Revive  IPMAN in Kaduna- Bala Usman Himshat

We’ll Revive  IPMAN in Kaduna- Bala Usman Himshat

Alhaji Bala Usman is the Chairman and Chief Executive Director of Himshat Petroleum Nigeria Limited . In this interview with a group of journalists , he explains reasons for contesting the Chairmanship position of IPMAN ,Kaduna Unit, plans for IPMAN and how to address  problems within the union .Daily Newstimes Managing Editor ,John Femi Adi was there and captured the session : Excepts:




Alhaji Bala Usman Himshat

You have always occupied the position of a kingmaker , why did you abandon that and now decided to  contest for the covetted Chairmanship position ?



Where there is no good leadership in a union  , there is every possibility that problems will always surface among members and the only way such vacuum can be filled up is have people with vision , integrity, commitment and concern for development to rise up to the occasion and take up the challenge to provide that much desired good leadership we have all been yearned  for .


If we have good leadership ,the kind of problems , we are experiencing now at the KRPC depot will not be there . IPMAN is completely down and needs to wake up to its responsibilities of ensuring fuel supply and bridging the gap between product and products availability. We believe ,it is only when the good ones come to vie that we can have that purposeful leadership and we are willing to do just that if elected Insha Allah.


Alhaji Usman addressing members during a strategic meeting at BARNAWA,Kaduna

What are your plans for IPMAN ,if elected ?


I told you earlier that we intend to make IPMAN that united and formidable union of Petroleum Marketers that Kaduna people and Nigerians used to know . It obvious that the system is grounded and there is need to change this retrogressive image .If you heard me , when I was addressing our members during the strategic meeting held at Barnawa today,I said it is pathetic and unfair to have filling looking abandoned and directors looking bad ,because such fillings have not got products for a long period ,sometimes over a period if six months Reasons for this of we know is absence of good leadership .This is not the kind of IPMAN , we are talking about. If elected we have plans to correct all these anomalies , provide members with the right leadership and operate an open door policy for all irrespective of tribe,background or religion.  We hope to also ensure that products are evenly distributed and every marketer gets his due as at when  due .Each time I pass through a road and a filling station worth millions abandoned ,I feel very bad and this ugly sight must change .


With the leadership tussle problem you have within the union , do you see yourself winning this election ? 


Power comes from God .This is my believe .And with this kind of support from fellow marketers , I think victory is certain Insha Allah .You can see everyone around here has a vote , we are not talking about thugs and non-marketers , but qualified and valid voters .Our colleagues gave us the support to vie and by the grace of God  ,come May 13th , 2017 , it will be over and we shall be sworn-in .


We gathered that IPMAN has been a torn in the flesh of NNPC ,how true is this ?


I don’t want to speak on the relationship between IPMAN and NNPC ,but we hope to share thoughts and address whatever is and  was the problem . We are contesting to solve problems and provide a fair playing ground for all our members .But let me assure you that one thing is certain ,we shall work closely with every stakeholder ,including the media to move IPMAN forward in Kaduna.  We are determined to run a transparent, accountable and visionary leadership devoid of sentiments and injustice .



What is your advice to members ahead of the election? 


I urge all our members to remain calm and law abiding . I want them to understand that election is not a do-or-die affair .God already knows who will win the election ,so we should work towards ensuring the the union remains united .