​Christian Clerics Donate Paints to Kaduna  Mosques for Face lift …urges Preachers to Promote Peace ,Tolerance 

Some Kaduna based christian clerics have donated various  white-colour -paints to  beautify some selected mosques in Kaduna ,  North-West, Nigeria.

The aim of the gesture according to the pastors is to  strengthen inter-and intra-religious efforts as well as  strategies to promote  peace , religious tolerance, reconciliation and  conflict resolution.

Pastor Yohanna Buru ,the  General Overseer of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry Sabon Tasha,Kaduna who led the team of pastors and other Muslim clerics to the selected mosque within the metropolis  ,said there is need to create platforms for enhanced relationship between Christians and Muslims that will  remove suspicion and promote religious tolerance . 

He it was against this background that  himself ,  Pastor Jewel Zigo and Evangelist Jonathan embarked on mosque renovation in Kaduna 

While at  Destitute Home , Kano Road Kaduna to donated some paints for renovation  he said , “We have come to donate some white color paints to beautify the holy mosque ,because any place of worship is the house of God, and  as Christians, we deemed it fit to also contribute  our own quota to beautify places of worship, because we all believed in One God, and Adams & Eve ,who were our original parents, and our bible and Qur’an teaches us the importance of helping one another, living in peace and harmony with all mankind”

Pastor Yohanna ,who disclosed  that last year 2016 ,he donated over 800 plastic kettles and prayer mats to at least 50 mosques , said the best way to achieve peace is to understand one another and accept that God created all human beings for a purpose .

He explained , ” I have the  opportunity to interact with some top Islamic scholars  on various ways to strengthen peace and inter-religious harmony among Christians and Muslims in the state and other neighboring countries like  Niger and some African countries
“Religious adherents must learn to live with one another peacefully irrespective of differences.” 
 He recalled that on February, 2016, when Muslim women donated 50 copies of  Hausa version of holy  Bible to members of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry during the International Inter-Faith Week by the United Nations.
He urged all Muslims and Christians in Nigeria to live in peace and harmony with one another, adding , “Muslims should forgive Christians  and  Christian should equally do same  to  Muslims  if there are dissatisfactions that can lead to breakdown of law and order .
While stressing the need for preachers to teach their adherents the  importance protecting places of worships, Pastor Buru said , ”   Together we will fight against extremists, Terrorists  that are hiding under religion  to cause damages to both Muslims and Christian.” 

Pastor Yohanna who  demonstrated his commitment toward improving good relationship between Christians and Muslims,said the ultimate alternative to all kind of conflict and crisis bedeviling peace stability across the northern states of Nigeria and African countries is to embark on  dialogue for peace through religious approaches .

The clergy ,said my NGO “Peace revival and reconciliation foundation of Nigeria” is trying to facilitate inter-religious dialogue  among communities that faces with different kind of ethno-religious crisis ,to introduce interfaith dialogue among Fulanis and other tribe of southern kaduna, which will also be as a tool of influencing policy and advocacy in local communities, so as to promote values of tolerance, Mutual respect and better understanding that is centered around intra-and-inter-fait ,inter-religious and inter-cultural values, which are the core principles of integration of  peace and harmony at community level

He hinted that a team  of 50 pastors and 50 imams have volunteered  for peace mission throughout the 23 local government areas with the aim of embarking on campaign against killing innocent Nigerians  in the name of religion and to find ways of reducing hatred among Nigerians.

He also said the team will support government in the daily  fight against ethno-religious,political and economic crisis affecting all the development sector in the country.

Responding ,Mallam Yarima saleh who is the Wazirin Sarkin Guragun kaduna ,at the Kano Road destitutes mosque said, there are over 1000 physically challenged persons that are using the mosque to pray .

Mallam Yarima expressed satisfaction that Pastor Yohanna always remembered association of persons with disability in all his activities.
According to him , Pastor Yohanna is a good Christian leader that every one should emulate when it comes to assisting less privilages and the total service to humanity and communities