Just In: Stop using Southern Kaduna crisis for money, Balarabe Musa tells Fani-Kayode ,others …says call for self defense is destructive

By John Femi Adi: 

Former Governor of defunct  Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa had  asked the  former minister of aviation,Chief Fani Kayode and other elites to stop using  Southern Kaduna killings as an avenue to make money and advance political relevance while victims were still in pains and trauma.
Speaking with journalists at his residence in Kaduna,the former governor who described Fani Kayode as a trouble maker warned that inciting Southern Kaduna people against others in the state would be destructive.
Balarabe Musa,while  warning Senator Danjuma La’ah and others who called for self defence in Southern Kaduna,said it would rather bring more crisis.
The former governor who called on the entire people of Kaduna State irrespective of religion and ethnicity to come together as brothers and sisters to end the killings which he said started since 1986.
Balarabe Musa, tasked governor Nasir El-Rufai to revive Kachia Ginger and other companies in Southern part of the state which will address the high poverty and backwardness of the zone.
He further accused the Southern Kaduna elites of collaborating with their Northern Kaduna elites of destroying the industries built in  the zone like Kachia Ginger factories,adding that Southern Kaduna elites prefer money and appointments to been a governor of the state.
The former governor however,said he do not believe President Muhammadu Buhari and Governor Nasir El-Rufai are behind the killings in Southern Kaduna stressing that he was also a victim of cattle rustlers in the northern part of the state.
Balarabe Musa said: “Those elites including Senator Danjuma Laah calling for self defence in Southern Kaduna are making the situation to be worst and self destructive. To Fani Kayode,i know he is a trouble maker. Kayode always mislead people even the government he served. Kayode calling on Southern Kaduna to carry arms is condemnable. He is making money from his utterances but is unfortunate. Those elites making money from utterances are making the issue worst. Some of the elites are even using the situation in Southern Kaduna for political relevance.
The Southern Kaduna elites are the problem of the area. They prefer money and appointments rather than governing this state.  They always conspired with their Northern Kaduna elites to cheat ordinary Southern Kaduna people. Let me give you an example,my party PRP nominated their own Tom Maiyashi as our governorship candidate severally but the same Southern Kaduna elites worked against him. They voted for a Northern Kaduna candidate for money and appointments. I established ginger industry in Southern Kaduna but the same elites collaborated with Northern elites and destroyed the industries. Is a welcome development as I heard that the present administration in the state has brought Olam and other industries to site in Southern Kaduna because it will address the high rate of unemployment in Southern Kaduna which is one of the causes of crisis”
The Southern Kaduna violence is unfortunate. I think this is something that has been going on since 1986. It has been going on this since then and each time it gets worse.
But, let us go to the root of the matter. The root of the matter is comparative poverty, lack of enlightenment and manipulation by the elites. The level of poverty in the Southern part of the state is much higher than the rest part of the state. For example, the Southern part consists of eight local government areas, but there is not a single industry in the area. The industries that were established in the area during the second republic were destroyed by the elites in the Southern Kaduna in collaboration with their counterparts in Northern part of the state, with the cooperation of the elites from the Southern-Kaduna. So, with this situation, what do you expect?
Secondly, the level of enlightenment in the southern part of the state is much lower and therefore, it is very easy to manipulate people and engage them in self destruction”
“The third root of the problem is the bankruptcy of the elites in both the Southern-Kaduna and other parts of the state, with higher bankruptcy in the southern part of the state. Let me tell you, one of the issues that has always caused problems in Kaduna State is the legitimate agitation of the people of the Southern-Kaduna for the opportunity to have a Governor from the zone. In spite of their legitimate desire to produce a Governor for the zone, they don’t vote for the candidate when they get one, they instead go for money and position for themselves. For instance, on two occasions, the PRP nominated Mataimaki Tom Maiyashi from the southern part of Kaduna, but they refused to vote for him. They voted for another party that gave their elites money and positions. Now, is this not bankruptcy?
Now, with this situation, nothing can change, unless you have a determined and progressive situation in the state where people will concern themselves with the dignity of the human person first, then it would not matter whether you are from the south or you are from the north”
“On the allegation that the President of Nigeria and the sitting Governor are the sponsors of the killings in Southern Kaduna, I don’t think that is possible,i don’t believe that because I was a Governor in this state”
“The Southern Kaduna people must resist incitements from some people  in the Southern part of Nigeria who are misadvising them to carry arms,instead they should come together and join hands with some of the honest people they identify in Kaduna North and central to end the crisis. Accusing Hausa/Fulani of been behind the attacks in the area is very dangerous because let’s all of us come together as one irrespective of our religion and ethnicity to end the killings. When you are accusing Hausa/Fulani and their religion,it will end up been destructive. Let’s come together as one and deal with those criminals” Balarabe Musa said.