Shocking!!! “LIAR” Jibrin’s CCB Forms Revealed

By Bello Ganin Idoku
As we previously reported, AbdulMumin Jibrin the erstwhile posterboy of whistleblowing in Nigeria, was accused of having lied on the asset declaration form which he subsmitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau, claiming to not have any foreign account when in reality he operates several accounts abroad. 

This is while serving as a member of the House of Representatives and a breach of the Constitution and the Code of Conduct Bureau And Tribunal Act. 
Today we present here his full asset declaration form as obtained from patriotic Nigerians from the Code Of Conduct Bureau.

His lying under oath on his asset declaration form is apparent and can clearly be seen from a comparison of his bank accounts abroad revealed by the Anti Corruption Unit of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, whose petition to the Chairman of the House Ethics Committee we included in a previous post.
This is enough evidence for Mr Jibrin to be charged to the Code of Conduct Tribunal and held accountable for breaking the laws prohibiting the operation of bank accounts in foreign territories and jurisdictions by political office holders, and also for perjury/lying under oath.

We hope our the Code of Conduct Bureau and the EFCC and ICPC commence proper investigations into the affairs of Mr AbdulMumin Jibrin and everyother corrupt, rule breaking politician out there, who think they can act without regard for the laws governing our country.

Source: Ngleaks.wordPress. com