We are not part of planned protest in Southern Kaduna – Ikulu Youth…Seeks Dialogue to end  Southern Kaduna Incessant attacks 

We are not part of planned protest in Southern Kaduna – Ikulu Youth

…Seeks Dialogue to end  Southern Kaduna Incessant attacks 

…Condemns Attacks on El-Rufai’s Convoy 

By John Femi Adi:

The concerned youths of Ikulu extraction in Southern Kaduna on Thursday called  on people of the region to embrace dialogue  and other means of peaceful resolution to bring an end to the incessant attacks and killings in the area.

Addressing a news conference in Kaduna, over the Kafanchan incident
last Tuesday,chairman and secretary of Concerned Ikulu youths, Jatau
Eric and Barrister Ibrahim Haruna, also condemned the attack on
Governor Nasir El-Rufai and his deputy,Arch.Barnabas Bala Yusuf’s
convoy said confronting the governor who was on a peaceful mission to
find solution to the Southern Kaduna  attacks and killings  was

The youths  while condemning the killings of innocent people in the
region said its not appropriate  for  people to take the laws into
their hands to the extent of attacking the Governor and his entourage.

Jatau also said they were not part of the planned protest in Zango
Kataf council headquarters,Southern Kaduna.

They  however  suggested that  government should set up a security
task force similar to the one set up sometimes ago, that dealt and
wiped out the issue of cattle rustling in Birni Gwari area.

According to them: “In our resolve as a people to seek and look for
peace, here-in lies our concern as Ikulu youth. The recent incidence
of Tuesday 20th December, 2016 at Kafanchan when women came out half
naked protesting and youth burning properties and stoning the
Governor, Deputy Governor and the state security council, who were in
the area to access what has happened is not acceptable to us and we
condemned it”

“We believe dialogue and negotiation can lead us to a peaceful
resolution of these issues. We cannot continue to complain of the
government not coming to us when such evil occur and when they do, we
move to attack them.

In our understanding, no community engaged government
“confrontationally” and wins. Yes, you can take government to court,
but you cannot engaged government with forceful confrontation. While
understanding the pain frustration of our people who have lost their
love ones, it is however, not appropriate to take the laws into their
hands to the extent of attacking the Governor and his entourage. We as
Ikulu youth are saying there are wiser and better ways to tell
government what is happening in zone 3 is wrong and bad” They said.

“We are equally worried and disturbed with security situation in some
communities in zone 3 and other areas; we are together with all our
brothers and sisters, all other tribes and good people of zone 3 who
are worried and concern over what is happening to us. In essence, we
empathize with our people who have lost their loved ones and property
in this menace that has engulfed our dear region. May their souls rest
in peace.

The attacks by herdsmen and Fulani in these villages at night when
everyone is at sleep should be condemned by every good and love
seeking person(s). Life is sacrosanct and no one should support such a
wanton destruction of life and property”

“We are not part of the purported planned protest in Zango Kataf local
government where some protesters were said to planning to burn down
public properties”

On Ladugga grazing reserve, they said: “History has it that our people
have co-existed with the Fulanis cordially from time immemorial.
Infact beside a few isolated cases of violence we have coexisted
peacefully. They have been living on our farms and their cow donms has
been important to our agrarian activities, while we also sold out
grains to them and they sold their cow milk to us.  This is why our
forefathers never hesitated even when the established grazing reserve
was introduced on our ancestral inherited lands”

“Though as time went by, farmers and pastoralists clashes were
recorded, which is gradually increasing with the influx of different
kinds of pastoralist which has posed a danger to our communities and
the original fulanis with whom we have co-existed. We therefore call
on government to as a matter of urgency look into the influx of the
new brand of Fulanis that have invaded our communities and are posing
a future danger to our people”

“We are aware that enormous resources is being deployed by the
government to tackle the issue of insecurity in Kaduna, however, we
doubt if these resources are being used by the Agencies responsible.
We therefore call on government to ensure that funds released are used
for the purposes they are allocated for”