UN Job : El-Rufai hails  Amina Mohammed 

UN Job : El-Rufai hails  Amina Mohammed 

Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has described as an excellent choice the appointment of Nigeria’s Amina Mohammed as the new Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations. In a congratulatory note to Mrs. Mohammed, El-Rufai thanked her for “her honourableservice to Nigeria and her substantial contribution to efforts to empower people and safeguard the planet”.

Malam El-Rufai noted that in “just one year as Environment minister, she has put environmental issueson the front burner of Nigeria’s political discourse. She has undoubtedly earned the trust and respect of not just Nigerians but Environmentalists the world over. 

At the core of Amina’s work and passion is the welfare and right of citizens to peace and security wherever they may be. She addressed those challenges while serving in the government of President Obasanjo, then as Special Adviser to UN Secretary-General, Ban ki Moon and recently as Minister under President Buhari. 

As a global Ambassador she now gets to display her phenomenal skills on a world stage. Nigeria’s temporary loss is the World’s gain. President Buhari has made a great sacrifice in releasing Amina from the Federal cabinet for service at the global level. Her appointment is a tribute to the President’s judgment in recruiting such a globally-respected personality.

Malam El-Rufai urged Mrs. Mohammed to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in her new role. “Her tenacity and and the passion she applied to secure global agreement on the SDGs will be required to get them implemented.”

Wishing her a successful tenure, Malam El-Rufai said that he has no doubt that Amina Mohammed will continue to make Nigeria proud at the global level.