​Foreign Accounts : UK Security Agencies Investigate Jibrin …As Interpol report show how he operated five foreign accounts up to May 2016

Security agencies in the United Kingdom are investigating the suspended member of the House of Representatives Abdulmumin Jibrin for owning and operating multiple accounts in Backlays and other banks in Europe and America.
The report is pursuant to a sponteneous disclosure from the United Kingdom Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU) and the National Crime Agency which provided information on various bank accounts maintained in the UK by Jibrin.
The report identified Abdulmumin Jibrin with the International Passport number A00389578, date of birth 9th September 1976, of 7 Amazon Street Maitama Abuja.
“Searches show that subject maintains numerous bank accounts with various banks both in his name and in the name of Green Forest Investment Limited, an enity to which he is a beneficial owner”.

In Nigeria, the report indicates that Jibrin maintains three accounts in Standard Chattered Bank ;  Three accounts in Unity Bank;Two accounts in Zenith Bank: One account in Access Bank: Two accounts on GT Bank: 
Green Forest Investment Limited has one account Zenith Bank and  4 accounts in Unity Bank .
The report  said as at May 2016, Jibrin was associated to No. 81 Cotswold Gardens, London, NW 1PE and beneficial owner of Green Forest Investment Limited  with registration number F473864.
“In May 2016, Abdulmumin Jibrin was associated  to the following Barclays Bank Accounts:
SC 204744 AC 33471268, Barclay’s Bank reserve account – 
SC 204744 AC 43707164, Barclay’s bank mortgage account –
SC 204744 AC 94030664, Barclay’s bank USD currency account –
SC 204744 AC 52339434, Barclay’s bank USD currency account -SC 204744 AC 74521222.
Jibrin who issued a statement on Monday, admitted that he owned the accounts but they had been closed and that he used one of the account to buy a house in London located at No. 1 cotswold Gardens, London, NW 1PE. This proves conclusively that he maintained the foreign accounts while a House member.