Kaduna Security : El-Rufai to buy drones , other Surveillance Equipment 


Kaduna State Deputy Governor, Barnabas Yusuf Bantex,on Saturday revealed that there are provisions in the 2017 budget for the acquisition of drones and other surveillance gear to boost  security capacity in the state.

Speaking at the launch of a child of destiny,a biography of Ufuwai Bonet,the Chief of Kagoro held at Fadan Kagoro,the Deputy Governor, who explained the efforts governor Nasir El-Rufai is taken to end the inherited security challenges said the administration is worried by the violent attacks and other criminal activities occurring in Kaduna especially southern part of the state.

Bantex noted that security agencies are seriously working to contain
the security challenges and apprehend those involved in these wanton
killings and destructions of properties.

He stressed further that residents  must all learn to tolerate and
live in peace with one another irrespective of our ethnic, religious
or political differences: “Promoting hatred and differences along
these lines always lead to violence conflicts that reverse progress
and development.  As a government, we will not tolerate that in this

He also explained that , “The Governor and I have visited several of our
communities that have been affected by these terrible events. As we
pursue peace-building, the government is also increasing investments
in security. There is no doubt that intelligence-gathering has to
improve. There are provisions in the 2017 Budget for the acquisition
of drones and other surveillance gear to boost our security capacity”

“Ultimately, peace is sustained by the willingness of people to live
together in harmony and mutual respect. Our communities should
encourage everyone to avoid self-help, reprisal or vendetta. Every
incident should be reported to the law enforcement agencies, rather
than individuals taking the law into their hands. Let us all work
together to end the spiral of violence, and let us oppose the
narrative of division and lawlessness”

Bantex added: “We are calling on our citizens to desist from taking
the law into their hands. There are some who resort to politicizing
the killings by promoting hate narratives over the pains of our
people. We will not be distracted or deterred in our commitment to
secure peace for all our communities, end the violence and punish the
perpetrators of these criminal activities.

We are saddened by the lives lost and the property destroyed. May I
use this opportunity to sympathize with those who lost their loved
ones and assure them of our unflinching commitment to address all
security challenges” Bantex said.

The deputy governor extolled the sterling qualities of the Kagoro
Chief said : “I am delighted to attend the launch of this book which
documents the story of the life of our illustrious Traditional Ruler,
His Highness the Chief of Kagoro, Ufuwai Bonet. It often happens that
the live stories of many people are told when they are gone. But we
are privileged to have Dr. Ben Z. Yayork document the story of a
leader whose sterling qualities should inspire the younger generation”

“The life of our Royal Father, Ufuwai Bonet is that of hard work,
dedication, and passion. He holds and cherishes these ideals and
values that can be seen throughout his life. No wonder wherever he
lives or works, he always leaves behind a good impression of himself
and lessons for others to emulate. I believe this book “The Child of
Destiny” truly reflects the values and ideals our Royal Father
exhibits in his life” Bantex said.