When highly placed and respected senior citizens of a country like Nigeria decides for what ever reason join the wagon in a  deliberate attempt to misinform innocent and unsuspecting Nigerians, substitute facts for sentiments using their status/position in the society for the purpose of swinging public opinion tide to an intended direction, then it behoves on a few good men to speak up, put the records straight because when lies are repeated often like a sweet rendition unchanged, then it becomes accepted in sacred places as the truth.
Chief Wole Olanipekun, a senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and a recipient of Nigeria merit award among others is arguably the finest legal mind available today in Nigeria. This position he attained through the years was born out of hard work and his robust contribution in the legal spectrum. As highly placed and respected this legal luminary is, I have every reason to fault/question some of his recent comments particularly the one contained and captured by vanguard Newspapers online dated 12 Oct, 2016 with the headlines EXPOSED: HOW BUHARI AND APC MEMBERS ARE GUILTY OF THE CRIME THEY ACCUSED THE JUDGES – Wole Olanipekun. 
In his attempt to add his respected legal mind in the debate on the recently arrested judges on account of corrupt investigation going on by DSS, the legal mind as captured in the paragraph before the last under the above mentioned headline postulated “let the president take a cue from the United States president, Barack Obama. George Washington. Bush squandered American funds on the gulf war as president of the US because he wanted Saddam Hussain by all means – Dead or alive – after the September 11th attack. The economy of US was comatose when Obama took over, but DID YOU HEAR HIM SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT BUSH? (emphasis mine) He had his own agenda. He started issuing presidential orders and proclamations and within two or three years, the economy was revived with HIM NOT CONDEMNING ANYBODY. “(emphasis again mine).
Let me clearly state here without any note of contradiction that the above quotation credited to chief Wale Olanipekun (SAN) as captured in the vanguard newspaper,  with particular reference to the capitalized words is nothing but untrue, lies and complete fallacy by that very respected Nigerian. For the avoidance of doubt, president Barack Obama of the United States did not only blame his predecessor, George W. Bush for the economic recession alone in America when he Obama took over, he equally heap the blame on virtually everything local and foreign on Bush, including extending a fair share of the blame to former president Ronald Reagan. Using any search engine, please search the headlines below to find some of the bucks Obama passed to his predecessors;
1. Obama Blames Bush for Economy

2. Obama blames Bush for Deficit. 

3. Obama Blames Bush for Texas and Florida for unaffordable healthcare cost. 

4. Obama Blames Bush for cancelled policies

5. Obama Blames Bush for secret service cancellation of white house tours.

6. Obama Blames Ronald Reagan for distrust of Government

7. Obama Blames founding fathers for gridlock in congress.

8. The Blame Game at its finest: 21 times Obama has passed the buck

9. Obama Blamed an unknown filmmaker for an unknown YouTube video for the terrorist attack in Benghazi. 

10. Obama Blames Bush and GOP. 

11. Obama Blames Bush for Solyndra

12. Obama Adjust Iraq narrative, now blames George W. Bush for troop withdraw. 

13. Obama Blames Bush for rise of Islamic states. 

14. White House beat dead horse again: Blames George W. Bush for Obama’s Economic woes. 
The above headlines amongst others clearly shots down the arguments of our legal mind and present same with a motive of discrediting the present administration fight against corruption. Why would Wole Olanipekun made such an untrue and reckless statement like the American recession under Obama “the economy was revived with him not “condemning anybody” and that “did you hear him say bad things about Bush?” When in truth Olanipekun ought to have known that it is better for you to remain silent when in doubt than to bear false witness. Chief Wale Olanipekun should also remember that his opinion on National issues is highly respected both within  or outside the legal precinct by most Nigerians as such he should guard against misinforming or presenting a prejudice opinion as fact.
The revered gentleman of the legal profession should be weary of diluting falsehood with his objective analysis on national issues particularly as the fight against corruption zoomed it’s lenses on the judiciary, a place considered by many Nigerians as the clog in the wheel of Nigeria’s fight against corruption.