Biometric Verification : El-Rufai personally screens, verifies affected employees

Biometric Verification : El-Rufai personally screens, verifies affected employees

…9,000 ghost workers removed from Kaduna payroll

…Suspected ghost workers given a week to meet El-Rufai  for screening

Kaduna State Governor,Malam Nasir El-Rufai, has personally met with
some employees of the state who were affected by the biometric
verification exercise carried out to flush out ghost workers and
authenticate genuine employees of the state.

At the conclusion of the verification exercise, about 9,000 names
were struck off from the payroll.

Kaduna state government said any genuine worker who felt adversely
affected was directed to contact the governor directly to establish
their credentials.

El-rufai who met with 21 persons amongst the officers that have
written to seek a chance to confirm their status as genuine employees
of the  State Government noted that all of the affected employees had
issues based on having duplicate or multiple Personnel Sub-head
Numbers (PSNs).

“That means two or more workers had been assigned the same PSN, and
the payroll will recognise only one”

According to  Kaduna state government: “All the 21 persons in this
batch were able to provide documents that verify their status, and
they were cleared. Each received an apology for the difficulties they
had faced. They were assured that they will be restored to the
payroll, and all their arrears paid. While resolving the multiple PSN
issues that had entangled these officers, four possible ghost workers
were identified and it was agreed that these four persons be provided
an opportunity to clear their names. They are: Akwanko Ezekiel, Yerima
Sani,Solomon Makasua and Mariam Idris”

“These four persons have a week to come forward and table all
documents that can testify to their bonafides”

Narrating their joy over been cleared by the governor el-Rufai
personally, Monica PZ Ango,who works with the Dental Centre, an agency
of the Ministry of Health and Human Services,said her problem was that
she shared her Personnel Sub-head Number with three other employees as
a result of which her salary was stopped from February 2016.

She said after writing to the governor and attaching her relevant
documents, she was invited to come for a special screening conducted
by the governor himself.
Describing the interaction with El-rufai, she said: “he has thoroughly
checked our documents to see where the problems lie. In fact, he has
done a good work and I appreciate him for taking his time out to
listen to the plight of those of us affected.

“Some of us have not been paid for eight to nine months and the
experience so far is not good but we thank the God we have scaled
through and he has listened to us and has assured us that something
will be done concerning our issues,” she added.
Sharing his personal experience, David John, the Principal of
Government Secondary School (GSS) Paki, Anchau Zone, in Ikara LGA,
said his problem was that he shared PSN number with one Buhari Isah
Yusuf, also a teacher in another zone within the same Ministry of

He said he was called to see the governor for a screening after
writing a letter stating his complaints with all his documents
attached; “my interaction with the governor is very lively and
enjoyable because the governor is very simple, accommodating and
friendly. I feel very comfortable now because he assured us that our
problems will be solved “

Amina Abubakar, who works with the Private Schools Board under the
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, said she shared a PSN
number with one Lawal Ya’u who is serving with a school in Birnin

Amina said she noticed the problem ten years ago and complained
formally but nothing was done: “I noticed this problem more than ten
years ago and formally complained but the officers said ‘do you want
to show us our jobs’? I foresaw this problem coming long ago. So my
salary was stopped in January to date.

“When my name was listed among those with problems after the
verification started, I complained to my superiors and I was asked to
write to the office of the governor which I did and copied the Head of
Service, Commissioner of Education, Accountant General and my Director
at the Board.  Last week we got sms that we are to come and be
verified by His Excellency.

“My interaction with the governor is a perfect opportunity for me
because I have never been to the Government House. Our governor is a
good man that has the plight of people in his heart especially the
civil servants.
I feel satisfied that the governor gave us assurance that soon we are
going to get our salaries arrears and the problems will be
rectified”she said.