Ramadan :  Promoting Religious Tolerance Using Iftar 


The Sultan of Sokoto, Pastor Yohanna Buru and other Religious Clerics 




By Ibrahima Yakubu


Its is now clear that Muslim and Christian clerics across the 36 states of Nigeria now uses Iftar season,as a period to promote religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith organizations.



The clerics, who are concerned about the need  to end all forms of  Ethno-religious, politicians crisis that have hitherto hindered  peace  and stability in the country, have effectively used this year’s breaking of fast to dialogue.

Sheikh Daihiru Bauchi and Sports Minister , Solomon Dalung during this year’s Iftar at his residence in Kaduna

The Interfaith Iftars is aimed  at  bringing various  communities ,tribes, scholars from different field of studies,together during the 30 days of the  holy month of  Ramadan in breaking fast  at Mosques homes,restaurants or at a conference halls with a view to create platforms for better understanding of the teachings of the Holy books.


For the past 5 years ,In Kaduna,Plateau,Nasarawa,Sokoto and Abuja ,some top Nigerian Christian leaders and other faith organizations have hosted Iftars at various mosque and other holy places , joining Muslims with there followers at  Ramadan breaking of  fast .


Indeed , this has become  a culture among  imams and Islamic scholars , who  host lots of  faith organization at mosques .



This year’s  Ramadan season recorded huge success in view of  the encouraging participation by various Christian organizations,non governmental organizations in Nigeria and some parts  of African countries.



Reports have indicated that some Christians leaders have  bailed  over 30 Muslim inmates in Kaduna to allow them  participate fully in the 30 days of holy month of Ramadan in their  home with friends,families and relatives.



A Christian cleric,  Pastor Yohanna Buru of Christ Evangelical Intercessory Fellowship Ministry, Kaduna,  in a chat  said  every year,  a delegation of Christian leaders from the northern part of Nigeria always visit the Muslim scholars at mosques to attend their Tafsir and then follow them to their houses to break fast with them



Pastor Buru also said, ” We  use the Ramadan season to boost inter-religious Harmony  and preach the need for  peace and unity among Muslims and Christians at their various places of worship .



” We use the period to also    feed  thousand of inmates, less privileges ,and Internally Displaced Persons, IDps and orphans”.



According to the cleric, one  of the regular Muslim scholar that the Christian leaders usually visited to breakfast with him is sheikh  Dahiru Bauchi at his residence.


Noting ,  “This gesture has immensely helped to  strengthen unity , create better understanding and  lasting peace between Muslim and Christian clerics.”



At one of such visits , Sheikh  Dahiru Bauchi expressed satisfaction about the gesture and commended commitment of  the  Christian clerics , who have taken the pains to build bridges of unity between Christians and Muslims .



The Sultan of Sokoto ,Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, the National President of the Jama’atul Nasrul Islam in Nigeria ,who always invite top Christian clerics in the country to his house for breaking Ramadan fast at his house  said, ” The  importance of promoting interfaith and harmony in the country cannot be over emphasized in view of the various roles of  religious leaders ,traditional and title holders.



The  Shiite islamic group in Nigeria under the leadership of the embattled sheikh  Ibrahim Yakubu el’zakzaki is another set of Muslim group  that the Nigerian top Christian clerics usually visited at the holy month of Ramadan at his resident at Gyallesu in Zaria, Kaduna Sate of Nigeria.



The Shiite leader every year use to organize a breakfast for both Muslims and Christian in the country so as to unite the citizens irrespective of their religious faith,for the purpose of peace and tolerance.



It has also been seen that around the world , Muslim and interfaith organizations are doing similar outreaches to ensure as many non-Muslims as possible spend some time in a mosques, this Ramadan to learn how to tolerate ,accommodate, and  be in peace with  one another in the community.








One thought on “Ramadan :  Promoting Religious Tolerance Using Iftar 

  1. If such interaction is occurring among top religious leaders of both Islam & Christianity e.g sheikh Dahiru Bauchi, pastor yohana Buru etc there will be no doubt that religious crisis, ethnicity, violence, sentiment, selfishness, etc has come to an end in Nigeria.


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